Mother Dog Has Been Abandoned In The Desert , Rescued With Her Six Puppies

An SMS came to an animal rescue organization called Hope For Paws about a poor mama dog, who needed an immediate help along with her 6 pups, writes thepetneeds

Unfortunately, the dog was dumped when she was pregnant. She gave birth in the desert, but she was then able to find a refuge at a plant nursery, where they were given water, food, and care.

When the founder of Hope For Paws, Eldad Hagar, arrived at the Desert Moon Drive, he decided to name the mamma dog after it which was Moon.

Moon was so friendly and sweet as she started wagging her tail once Eldad called her, and directly ran toward him! So, the mama dog and her puppies were nursed and fed, and then taken to Los Angeles.

The mama dog and her 6 pups, Crypto, Lynx, Comet, Supernova, Nebula, and Andromeda were put together in a kennel after being examined.

Unfortunately, the veterinarians found that the 3-year-old mama dog had entropion, a condition causes eye infections by irritating her corneas, and making her eyelids roll inwards. She’ll undergo surgery on her 2 eyes to treat the condition, once her pups are weaned.

Thankfully, the 6-week-old pups all completely healthy. The next morning, they all received a warm bath and headed to LA Animal Rescue to fostered until they are ready to go to forever homes.

However, Moon is also available for adoption. She is so friendly and cute! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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