Morbidly Obese Stray Dog Rescued And Undergoes Amazing Transformation

A stray living at a gas station Brazil was well fed. One would say too well fed and he grew so morbidly obese that he could no longer move. When an animal lover saw him, they knew he needed help if he was going to survive and have a better quality of life. They took action and over the next year, the dog would undergo an amazing transformation, writes reshareworthy

Meet Bolinha. He was abandoned at a gas station in a rural area of western Brazil when he was just a puppy. For 13 years, he was fed food scraps by passing motorists and employees from the station’s cafe.

As the years went on, Bolinha grew overweight from the food. People treated him more as a roadside attraction than a dog who needed proper love and attention.

He was so obese that he had trouble walking and breathing and weighed double of what he should. That’s how an animal rescuer found him last year. He decided to rescue Bolinha.

Bolinha was taken in by the Animal Protection Organization (OPA-MT). They washed him and found him a foster home.

He would soon begin a strict health regime to help him lose weight and he was supervised by Clínica VIVET in Cuiabá.

He walked on a treadmill in water so as to not strain his already taxed joints.

He began eating less food, but was never wanting for attention.

It took a while for Bolihna to lose the pounds. But given his age and health he and his rescuers have done an amazing job.

Bolinha has lost more than 30 pounds in under a year. His rescuers have a goal for him to lose another 15 pounds and he’ll have reached is optimal weight.

In the meantime, Bolinha is all smiles over his transformation. He’s on his way to living the rest of his life as a happy and healthy dog.


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