Morbidly Obese Pig Is Depressed After Owner’s Death And Loses The Will To Live

Mary Leigh the pig was 300 lbs when she was first found rotting away in an isolated backyard. Her owner had passed away and her extreme obesity made her an undesirable pet, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The poor girl was grumpy and depressed from dragging her massive belly on the ground, while the bags of fatty skin drooping over her eyes blocked her vision.

When the workers at Ziggy’s Animal Refuge heard about her, they knew she desperately needed assistance to lose weight for survival. But by the time they arrived at the backyard, she had resigned herself to perishing in the dirt. She refused to interact with the rescuers because of her obvious lack of trust, which only made their job tougher.

The rescuers eventually bribed Mary Leigh with a trail of vanilla wafers that led to the rescue truck! Once she was loaded up, they drove her to the sanctuary that sheltered many other special needs farm animals like her. They arranged a special solitary home for her filled with all sorts of luxuries just to make her feel safe and comfortable.

When Mary Leigh settled cozily in her new home, the rescuers finally addressed the elephant in the room – her weight loss plan. Mary Leigh was not just painfully overweight, but also repulsed by healthy food. She straight up refused to snack on salads and veggies, and the rescuers wondered how to work with her sensitivity and lack of motivation.

However, the rescuers didn’t lose hope and strategized a wholesome diet plan that was both effective and easy on the taste buds. This video documents Mary Leigh’s inspiring journey as she drops 55 lbs during her first 6 months at the sanctuary. She’s only halfway there, but the future looks so promising for her! Good luck, Mary Leigh!

Click the video below to watch Mary Leigh’s inspiring transformation as she loses her excess weight and begins living her life again!


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