Monsters Tied His Snout Shut With Rubberbands, Pus Painfully Oozed Out For Weeks

Sunday afternoon, St. Francis Community Animal Rescue, in Murphysboro, IL, received a request to take in two dogs who were very fearful, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The black and white one was very matted and seemed to have a mouth or nose injury that was oozing pus and fluids.

They began grooming him to get rid of the awful matting so they could get a closer look at his injuries, but he wouldn’t allow the grooming of his head or face.

Staff then realized why. It turns out that this poor pooch had rubber bands tied tightly around his snout, making it impossible for him to open his mouth to eat food or drink water. They believe it has been like this for weeks, which has caused him excruciating pain.

They immediately rushed him into surgery to cut the rubber bands off, which was a two and a half hour process.

The rubber bands cut off his circulation, digging deeply into his skin and tissue, right to the bone. They may have cut his face, but they didn’t cut his sweet and gentle demeanor. Throughout the entire process, this little pup didn’t growl or try to bite anyone at all.

“At a mere 13 pounds, what could his offense possibly have been to deserve such torturous punishment?” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “Unable to eat or even drink he has lost weight & was one of the most severely dehydrated animals our vet has ever seen!”

The pup, who doesn’t have a name yet, is now recovering and finally able to eat on his own. He is receiving antibiotics and will get the top of his snout closed once the infection goes away. When he is fully recovered, he will be put up for adoption.

“From here on we are all going to love him so hard he will eventually forget those monsters and those ghastly Rubberbands!” the rescue wrote.

According to Stan Reno, deputy chief of the Carbondale Police Department, the dogs’ owner gave up the animals willingly and they were taken to Jackson County Humane Society, KFVS reported. Officials at the humane society then transported the dog to St. Francis Community Animal Rescue for further medical assistance.

The incident will ultimately be reviewed by the city attorney, who will determine what actions will be taken.

According to KFVS, Carbondale has a city ordinance that states: “No person or owner may abandon, cruelly beat, torment, overload, overwork, molest, starve, refuse water to, or otherwise abuse an animal in any manner.”

The police are currently investigating this case further.


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