Mom Turned Back To Get 1 Last Look At Her Babies & Wished Them A Happy Life

In many parts of the world, stray dogs have become a permanent fixture in the background. People come and go and rarely notice them, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Others leave out food and water, hoping to help in any small way. When one dog gave birth to two beautiful puppies, she brought them to a spot frequented by animal rescuers. She wanted something for her beloved babies. Something she did not want for herself.

Mama dog had spent her whole life on the streets and liked having her freedom. Sure, she struggled but she had no desire to change her fate. However, when she gave birth to two beautiful pups, she wanted a better life for them. She took excellent care of them and then led them to a shaded area where kind humans would find them.

Mama waited until both puppies were in the care of rescuers and then said goodbye. She walked away as if her heart was broken but she knew she was doing the right thing. The moment she turned back and got one last look at her babies is BEYOND moving. Her sacrifice will never be overlooked.

The puppies are happy to see these kind humans who happen to have food and water. They wag their tails and say hello. The puppies are ready to go with their rescuers to the vet clinic. They are covered in fleas so the first order of business is a flea bath!

The vet and staff are very happy with the puppies’ condition. Mom took excellent care of them both. Their weight is good, their coats are shiny. And they are really happy little boys! The rescuers and vet staff take lots of photos of the puppies and post them on their social media page.

In a matter of days, both pups find forever homes. How awesome! The story continues in the video below, as the rescue group goes back to try and find Mom so they can help her too. A mother’s love is a powerful thing for sure.


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