Mom Signed Waiver Because Pit Was Dangerous, Dog Came Near & Mom Can’t Breathe

When Willie’s mom, Jill, met him for the first time, it was love at first sight, writes ilovemydogsomuch

She overlooked the fact that he had to remain the only dog in the house. In fact, he was so unpredictable and aggressive around other dogs, according to the rescue group, that Jill had to sign a waiver promising she’d keep Willie 10 feet away from any other dog.

Jill agreed but in her heart, she was concerned. Their neighbors have a dog named Mint who loves to come over unannounced. Mint is the kind of dog who wants to socialize with just about anybody. But what would happen if Willie hurt Mint? It was just too stressful to imagine.

Still, Mint would continue to show up at Jill’s front door and the back gate. She was super careful not to let Willie out for Mint’s own safety. But Willie only wagged his tail from inside the house. He didn’t growl. He didn’t act territorial. With Mint’s mom’s permission, Jill asked if they could meet outside with the fence in between them, just in case. Mint’s mom agreed.

The first time the two dogs met was incredible. They said hello and Willie even showed submission by rolling onto his back. The best part of all is that they kissed through the fence. Jill was elated and kept saying “Good boys!” Jill knew this was the start of something special.

The two dogs became instant friends but Jill was super careful. She allowed them to play but always with the fence between them. The cutest thing happened one day when Jill was thankfully filming. Mint came over with a toy in his mouth and gave it to Willie through the fence so they could play with it together. Total cuteness overload!

Mint began bringing toys over daily to play with Willie through the fence. Jill started to relax a bit and with Mint’s mom’s permission, she decided to let them meet without the fence. Jill was incredibly nervous. Remember, the rescue group swore that Willie was not to be trusted around other dogs. What happened once the fence wasn’t between the two dogs cannot be missed! Thank you to The Dodo for this awesome video (and story!)


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