Missing Dog Bolts From Vet Clinic Moments After Owner Drops Him Off For Stitches

Nelly Roa dropped her 2-year-old German Shepherd off at the vet because the dog needed stitches, writes ilovemydogsomuch

She trusted that everything would be okay, and a vet tech promised to call her when the dog, Toby, was ready to be picked up. Nelly received a call from a vet tech a short time later, but it was far from the news she was expecting. Somehow the quick German Shepherd escaped the clinic and could not be found.

“He’s my everything, he’s my baby,” Roa stated. “He’s such a joy to the family, especially me … it frustrates me and it hurts me that I’m not even there for him. I don’t want him to think I didn’t love him enough,” Nelly told a reporter through her tears.

An entire community came together to try and help Nelly find her furbaby from the streets of Chicago, Illinois. Dozens of strangers who didn’t even know Nelly gathered with a mission of finding Toby. Soon, a Facebook page and an Instagram account were set up and dedicated to finding Toby along with a sightings map. One woman told Nelly she was carrying dog treats around in case she saw the missing pooch.

A Chicago police officer named Officer Soto found Toby and reunited him with his very grateful mom.

“Like I literally want to see them in person to hug them and thank them,” Roa shared. “Every call I’ve received has helped because I know I have a support system.”

We love a happy ending! Thanks to everyone who came together to help find Toby!


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