“Miserable” Dog Bound To Live In Tiny Space Was Willing To Jump To His Own Death

A dog named Maximus was cruelly chained up by his owner. The owner set up a dog house against an iron railing. Maximus spent his days inside the dog house or trying to escape through the railing. A neighbor finally had enough and called for help, writes ilovemydogsomuch

When rescuers arrived to help Maximus, the stress of his situation had worn him down. He wasn’t thinking clearly. He kept crying and tried to wedge himself through the iron bars. He would rather jump and risk his life than live like this for another day.

The rescuers pleaded with Maximus not to jump. They had to act quickly. When they went up to see Maximus, he was petrified and the chain around him was impossible to get off. They would need chain cutters. The kind humans left and came back swiftly, this time prepared to save his life.

With tools in hand, the rescuers returned. Maximus was still very afraid. It was time to get the new leash and collar around him and cut off the chain. But Maximus struggled and barked incessantly. The rescuers looked down and saw how this poor dog had been living. There was dog food thrown on top of his excrement and bugs were everywhere!

Maximus, instead of being relieved to see kind humans, didn’t understand what was going on. He acted aggressively and kept lashing out. He fought the rescuers from putting the leash around him. He didn’t want to be ‘captured’ because he didn’t understand that he was about to be liberated from his horrible life.

Finally, with a lot of patience, one of the rescuers was able to get the leash around the desperate dog. It was time to cut the chain! Even as Maximus was inside the cage, safe and sound, he growled and barked at the rescuers, showing his teeth. But these experienced dog rescuers knew better. They knew he was just full of fear.

And, of course, they were right! As soon as Maximus was taken to the rescue center and let out of the cage, he was much calmer. They took him out back in the yard to meet a few of the doggy residents and it was like magic. Maximus lit up and his tail wagged like crazy. He was happy to see the other dogs. Maximus was always a good boy– he was just so scared.

The brave dog is doing great and currently at the rescue center waiting for his forever home. We are certain an adopter will see how special he is and open their heart and home to the deserving dog. To see the dramatic rescue, check it out below. Here’s to a happy life, Maximus!


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