Midtown gets touching seven-story firefighter mural for 9/11 anniversary

Two decades ago, the depressing events of 9/11 unravelled upon our city and our great country!
In honor of the firemens and also initial -responders on September 11, 2001, Brazilian street musician Eduardo Kobra commemorates them and all those whose lives were shed with an enormous seven-story mural in Midtown. The mural, in Kobra’s colorful as well as kaleidoscope style, shows a firefighter kneeling in front of the American flag.

The touching item labelled “The Braves of 9/11” was revealed at 780 Third Opportunity!

Eduardo Kobra told Break New York that “the picture has details that mention the historic episode. On the safety helmet, I created the numbers 343. This is a recommendation to the variety of firemans that we shed that day.

There is additionally a representation of the Twin Towers, as well as the flag of the USA. The stars stand for all the lives that were lost (almost 3000) in the depressing occasions which happened in that day. Finally, the colors have one goal: To pass on a message of life, of a restart, of restoration.”

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