Mickey the unwanted pup gets a second chance at life

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A telephone call entered into Feed Pals Foundation rescue on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao from a worried next-door neighbor. The person had heard that a pet dog owner was going to unload the dog due to the fact that he was drastically underweight and also struggled with severe skin concerns. With the address in hand, rescue volunteers raced to the pet’s location and also discovered an awful view.

The skinny dog was chained outside to a car bumper without any water readily available; he was eating on coconut because that was the only food close by. As the rescuers came close to, it shied away however then began to slowly wag its tail as if realizing that heroes existed to take him away. Feed Buddies Foundation called the pet dog Mickey, as well as the structure took him from the owner and hurried him to a vet.

Mickey’s medical problem was dire, yet after the veterinarian examination, nothing else major health issue were found apart from malnourishment, forget and also scabies. Time, care, clinical therapies and also love were the very best ways for 6-month-old Mickey to recuperate as well as gain self-confidence in himself. Feed Friends Structure put him with a foster home who gave him the chance to find out exactly how to be a pet.

In his foster home, Mickey had the chance to develop trust with people again, to have fun with his canine siblings, as well as to stroll and delight in the fresh air as well as smells on the island. This young puppy felt the comfort of resting on a clean bed and resting knowing he remained in a secure, safe and secure area.

After a couple of months, Mickey thrived under the care of his foster family members, and also the moment was right for him to be put in a permanently home. Feed Pals Foundation located the excellent fit for Mickey: a family members with two young kids and also two other pet dogs. Currently Mickey appears like a new pet dog, happy, sharp as well as happy for the life he currently lives.

Luckily, Mickey’s story has a delighted end, and he can live the life that every dog should.

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