Merciless Man Kicked Her Teeth Out, Angel Held Her Thinking It’s Her Final Hrs

When a callous man got angry, he took it out on his innocent dog. He beat her and then when she lay there helpless on the floor, but still fighting for life, he tried to push her out of his way with a heavy door. This caused further damage, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The dog was having multiple seizures that were life-threatening. Finally, someone with a heart took her to the vet clinic and asked for help.

The brave girl was put on special therapy and watched closely. Her x-rays came back and her multiple skull fractures and symptoms worried the vet. She may need to see a special neurologist. While Monechka was being treated, authorities paid her former owner a visit. They found a cowshed that housed more neglected animals. They were astounded that anyone could be this cruel.

The rescuers and clinic volunteers were amazed by the brave dog’s unwavering spirit. She wanted to live but no one was sure how she was still holding on. She wasn’t eating solid food. She was still in and out of consciousness. They also noticed that Monechka’s teeth had been knocked out of her mouth on one side. What her former owner did was unimaginable. Yet this dog believed she still had a promising life to look forward to.

Then, it was like some higher being intervened! Monechka began to eat on her own! Her new human friends were delighted. She lapped up her food like it was the best thing on the planet. She desperately needed a good meal. What follows is nothing short of a miracle.

While this sweet girl’s rescuers and new human friends are amazed by her transformation, they can’t help but wonder how it is all possible. This dog should not be here today yet she is. Do you believe in divine intervention? Do you believe miracles are possible? Let us know in the comment section and don’t forget to share this incredible story of survival. Scroll down to see more!


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