Meet The Aardwolf, The Cutest Animal You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Have you ever before came across the aardwolf? If the solution’s no, then continue reading and delight in all the cuteness below.

Believe it or otherwise, these pets originated from the very same household as the hyena, but unlike their scavenger relatives, aardwolves only eat termites, like an aardvark.

Belonging to the east as well as southern of Africa, they reside in underground burrows.

Interestingly, they don’t dig any of the burrows themselves, and also instead, they populate the abandoned burrows of various other animals.

They are nocturnal animals throughout most seasons besides winter where they sleep in the night.

They are monogamous animals and also remain with the very same partner for their entire lives, they are also extremely family orientated.

They have long sticky tongues used to capture all those little termites, one aardwolf can consume 300,000 in a single night.

They are just one of couple of pets where the adults are as charming as the kids.

Grown-up aardwolves can expand to the very same size as a regular fox.

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