Meet Honey Bee, The Rescued Bli.nd Cat Who Loves To Go Hiking With Her Humans

Honey Bee is a fantastic bli.nd pet cat as well as an international journey woman. She has actually stayed in the Caribbean & presently in Seattle with her 2 people and also 4 other cats. The family adopted her from Animals Fiji when she was a kitten. One of her preferred hobbies is treking with her people.

She likes to ride on her people’ shoulders on lengthy strolls. Whenever they go hiking, they will certainly take her on their shoulders or with a chain. She suches as paying attention to water sounds when going on exterior journeys.

Regardless of being blind, she never lets it stop her from treking with her proprietors and discovering the globe around her. She does not have excellent sight, yet she has a common sense of sides and drop-offs that allows her to get close without falling in.

See a video of Bee here:

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