Meet Augie, the worlds oldest golden retriever who is 20 years old

August, better known as Augie, celebrated his 20th birthday a year ago, writes animaland

This allowed him to become the oldest of its kind in the world. He is a golden retriever who has managed to survive and even twice as much as most others of this species.

They mostly live for about 10-12 years, but Goldheart Golden Retrievers Rescue, Tennessee, reported that it exceeded all expectations.

She lives in Oakland, Tennessee with her owners who decided to adopt her when she was 14 years old.

With many beautiful published pictures of Augie on her birthday, they wrote that even though she is 20 years old and has exceeded the life expectancy that was even expected to double she is still kicking.

They say that for her long life we ​​should thank the genetics and her owner, Jennifer, who took maximum care of her and took her to a good vet if necessary.

They also said there is evidence to speak of retrievers who have experienced 17, 18 and even 19 years, but Augie is definitely the first and only of its kind to reach this figure.

As Jennifer Hetterscheidt states for CNN, Augie, despite the problems that befell her, is still very lively for her incredible age.

It is true that Augie is easy to take care of, but they still keep an eye on her every second.

She celebrated her new birthday with her owners, a beautiful cake and a very creative banner.

While everyone mostly wants little puppies for pets, Jennifer and Steve decided otherwise after touring the entire US.

Still, it wasn’t just about that. August needed friends, so they decided to bring her three more small dogs of the same breed.


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