Man Walking Dog Sees Bag Moving, Finds Abandoned Chihuahua Inside

A Good Samaritan walking his dog near railroad tracks in New Jersey saw a bag move and heard something inside after he noticed his dog reacting to it, writes reshareworthy

“He immediately picked up the bag and brought it to the shelter,” South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter revealed on Facebook. “Inside was a young female Chihuahua.”

The shelter staff opened the bag right away and found a young female Chihuahua inside, soaked in her own urine. “Coco was visibly shaken and lucky to be alive,” they wrote and posted a video of the small dog climbing out of the bags.

The terrible act of animal cruelty has been reported to the Vineland Police Department and South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter is asking if anyone recognizes Coco or has information regarding who may be responsible for her abandonment, to contact them.

As for Coco, she is now clean, safe and continuing to do well in her foster home. The shelter wrote, “We’re so thankful for the outpouring of support for Coco! She is not available for adoption at this time and is resting comfortably in a foster home. While she’s not ready for a new home just yet, we have many other dogs who are. You can view those dogs on our website.


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