Man Throws Tiny Souls From Car, They Fear Other Humans Will Be Just As Wicked

Just like a child, a puppy is unaware of so much, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They learn as they go. They’re taught how to do things by emulating their mother or the humans that are raising them. To see a puppy abandoned is like seeing a child all alone. Helpless, scared, and totally overwhelmed by their surroundings. They have no idea how to fend for themselves. They are also completely vulnerable to predators and the elements.

Neighbors actually witnessed a callous individual drive up and dump puppies on the side of the road. They were petrified! All three babies searched for cover and found some under a fallen tree. This was not a safe place but it was the best they could find. All they wanted to do was hide.

Once the neighbors contacted the local rescue group, they arrived quickly, knowing three young puppies wouldn’t survive long. One by one, the rescuer picked them up and placed them into a soft kennel.

The third puppy fought the hardest to get away. He screamed and whimpered. Was he afraid of the uncertain or was there more to seeing a human being in front of him? Did he remember what humans are truly capable of?

It began to rain– proof that the rescuers arrived just in time! The puppies were then carried off while they were safe and sound in their kennel, together.

Back at the rescue center, all three puppies settle on a comfy bed. They understand they are now safe. All three are together and all three are away from things that can harm them. What a miracle.

Their next step will be a foster home where they can grow and play, and learn what it takes to be a proper dog. Their forever homes are just around the corner, all thanks to getting them to safety in the nick of time.


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