Man Saved Two Abandoned Pit Bulls, They Repaid Him By Saving Him From Assault

When you decide to have a dog, the best choice is to get one from a shelter as it is a chance for an abandoned or homeless dog to be given a new life. Actually, dogs never let you down as they really risk their lives to yours even if you adopt them from a shelter, writes thepetneeds

That’s exactly what happened with Robert McGowan, a kind man who adopted 2 pit bulls from a local shelter.

It is known that the reputation of pit bulls makes them the most common dog breeds to be found in shelters. The dogs, who were abandoned, had had a very bad life. The man just did not care about this reputation and decided to give the dogs, who were named Ladybug and Ellabelle, a forever home. One night, 4 strangers suddenly assaulted Robert when he was in his garage.

He was punched on his eye and was asked to give them the keys as they wanted to steal his car. Robert told them that the keys were inside. So, when the door was opened, the 2 pit bulls directly chased the assailants away and started barking loudly. The man said that the dogs did a great job to save him by standing beside him making sure that he would not get hurt anymore.

So, the 4 humans directly ran off. Robert shared his story saying that his dogs are not aggressive but protective as they did not hesitate to save his life. Please adopt a rescue dog as it may save your life! How brave and loyal these pit bulls are!

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