Man Gives His Paralyzed Husky Pool Therapy To Help Relieve The Pain, And Help Him Walk

We have all heard a doggy horror story once or twice before, where owners have let their dogs down when they needed them the most, and whether that be through serious acts of neglect or abandonment, the outcome is always saddening, healthyfoodhouse

With stories like these happening all the time, it is often easy to forget the millions of amazing dog owners out there who are giving so much love and affection to their pets. So even though we can’t give guarantees your eyes won’t get wet reading Kane’s story we can at least promise it will be in a positive way.

Kane’s legs suddenly stopped working and the owners had no idea what to do.

The love between a dog and its owner is very big so when Siberian husky Kane developed age-related pain all of the sudden, and paralysis in his two back legs his owner didn’t want to put Kane down. Even though he was too old to survive the strain of an operation and there was a very big chance that he may never be able to walk again, his owner decided to do everything in his power to make sure the old pal was comfortable.

After much time spent researching and a slew of pain medication that in the end didn’t give such a good result, they discovered water therapy.

With nothing to lose and Kane’s life in jeopardy his owner took the dog to a local pool for an assisted swim and saw a change at once.

The dog who had been suffering from acute chronic pain was unexpectedly relieved from the pain with the help of the weightless effect water has on the body and after a few sessions in the pool, a miracle happened, he regained his ability to walk!

In the heart-melting video put on YouTube by Kane’s owner found at the footer of the article, the dog can be seen walking again with little help from doggy mobility equipment and even without help!

Congratulations to Kane on getting well and applause to his owner who didn’t want to give up on his best friend!

Check out the amazing video:


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