Man Finally Cracks Under Pressure And Admits To Bashing Up His Dog And Cat

When Henry Smedley took his limp 10-month-old Tortoiseshell kitten named Maisie to the vet’s clinic, he claimed that he had discovered her accidentally “drowning in a bath full of water”, writes ilovemydogsomuch

However, medical evaluation revealed that the poor kitten had been dead for several hours – and the cause of her injuries were certainly not drowning.

Maisie’s emaciated health indicated that she had been neglected and starved for quite some time. Her wee body was full of wounds suggesting multiple blunt force traumas. Her scans showed a total of 31 rib fractures, 3 spinal fractures, and a dislocation of the sternum. Seeing the tell-tale signs of drastic abuse, the RSPCA was alerted of this situation.

While Henry kept denying Maisie’s abuse, the RSPCA officers found a similarly mistreated Jack Russell Terrier named Lola in his residence. The 3-year-old was substantially underweight, and her ribs, spine and pelvic bones were protruding from prolonged malnourishment. Radiographs showed that she had 7 rib fractures cause by blunt force, with 2 of them being older wounds.

Over months of investigations, RSPCA confirmed with many eye-witnesses that Henry had indeed been torturing his pets habitually. The 26-year-old finally cracked under pressure and admitted to deliberately hurting Maisie and Lola.

In a recent hearing at Bristol Magistrates Court, Henry has been sentenced to 23 weeks in prison with immediate custody. He has also been disqualified from keeping animals for life. He can appeal for the review of this ban after 10 years. Meanwhile, Lola has already made a promising recovery, and is now happily settled in her new forever home.


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