Man Decides To Feed A Stray Dog And Ends Up Saving Seven Lives

Sometimes, all it takes is one person to make a huge difference in a dog’s life. A young man named Tze helped seven strays after the dogs crossed his path by chance. Tze is quite modest about his efforts, but his friend Yinie admires her friend’s commitment. She calls him Master of Strays. “Any stray animal crossing his path is the luckiest animal ever,” says Yinie, writes reshareworthy

She shared this touching story with We couldn’t help but be touched by how the seven dogs lives where changed by Tze’s actions.

“This wonderful journey started in 9/2010. My friend Tze had fed a stray dog that hung around his neighborhood for a couple weeks,” says Yinie.

“One day after work, he found the same stray had given birth to a litter of puppies behind some trees near his home.”

“The stray puppies were maybe a couple days old.”

This all happened around the time when the weather was turning into Fall, so there was rain and wind incoming. About a week later Tze decided to open up his backyard/garage area with food, blankets and a cardboard box hoping to coax the cautious stray into moving herself and her puppies in. It worked!

“The stray mom was still pretty cautious but after a couple more days in the garage, she warmed up and had let her guard down. My friend was finally able to pet her and handle her puppies without making the stray nervous.”

“After the momma stray warmed up to my friend in 3 months time, he took her to the vet and found that she was 2 years old and had a nasty case of worms. He promptly got medications for her and that nursed her back to health.”

“Puppies sleeping.”

“Two months later all the puppies were about this size. That’s my friend Tze (who I’m so proud to be friends with) holding that puppy for the last time. He had successfully found homes for all 5 puppies. This was his last pic with the last puppy right before she was adopted into a loving forever home.”

“Here’s the one he kept for himself. This is little Honey.”

“Honey is my favorite of the litter as well and you can see why.”

“Did I mention my big-hearted friend with the deepest compassion of any person I’ve ever met, also decided to keep the momma stray? He had a soft spot for the momma stray and was aware that it’s less likely to find someone willing to take a stray that’s not a puppy. Here’s Baby (momma stray) and Honey about 3 months after Baby first gave birth to her litter. Yes Honey’s coloring changed drastically but still beautiful!”

“The happy dogs enjoying their forever home.”

“Here they are in 2011. They love car rides.”

“Here they are in 2014. You can see on their faces how much love they receive.”

“Another one from 2014. Enjoying play time with their toys out in the backyard.”

“Treat time!”

“You’d think that the story ends here. It does not. About 7 months ago, while walking these two cuties, both dogs ran up to what appeared to be a dirty black t-shirt next to a fire hydrant. Tze, tried to pull them away. These dogs refused to leave and kept sniffing frantically. Upon closer look, Tze finds that it was not a dirty t-shirt, but a small black puppy.”

“Of course, Tze, being the kind dude he is, decides to take the puppy home and try to find a home for him.”

“After a check up at the doctor’s (this is a week after finding him) it turns out this poor puppy had a bad case of mange. He was born with it and the vet thinks he inherited from his mom, who’s most likely a stray herself and had given birth to him on the streets. This poor puppy was so infested with mange he had to be wrapped with bandages to stop himself from scratching/gnawing until he bled. You can see the missing hairs from what the mange did to his skin.”

“My friend decided to give him a little toy for comfort as he slept. Tze named him “Merlin.” Little Merlin slept fitfully for the first month until the medications fully healed him.”

“Two weeks in, Merlin’s mange is almost fully gone. Tze fell in love with this puppy and decided to keep him!”

“Merlin with his new family and his favorite of the two doggies, Honey. The three dogs ended up in the same forever home with their loving owner. “

“Merlin still likes Honey best. They were holding hands right before this pic was taken.”

“I just wanted to post this because I think it’s such a wonderful true story of happy endings for so many strays (7 in total),” says Yinie. “Also, I wanted to share this story because my friend thinks it’s nothing to be proud of at all, simply what should be done, by anyone.”

“Because of that, I’m super proud to have a friend like him, so proud I want to share with the world. I’m so deliriously happy for these dogs. I can’t imagine how their lives would be had they not crossed paths with Tze.”

Photos republished on with permission from Yinie and Tze.

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