Man Asks Baby Elephant For A Hug, Has No Idea The Trouble He Was Getting Into

At the Patara Elephant Farm in Thailand, volunteers rehabilitate abused elephants with a special focus on healthcare and breeding, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The sanctuary prioritizes the care of neglected or injured elephants, and also remains open to tourists.

Arthur and Vivian were tourists from Toronto, Canada, who spent an entire day on the farm learning to feed and care for these gentle giants. At the end of the day, Arthur grew attached to a 2-month-old baby elephant called Tara. So, he reached out to her for a goodbye hug.

Tara was so delighted to see Arthur with his arms outstretched that she excitedly ran to him for the hug. Due to her huge size, she adorably ends up knocking Arthur down to the ground. She looks just like a giant “little” puppy, as she cuddles with her new favorite human in the dirt!

As the non-stop hugs and kisses keep coming, Arthur couldn’t help but smile and rejoice in this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Baby Tara gives us a new perspective on how these huge creatures love sharing affection too.


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