Mama Dog Goes On A Selfless Mission To Save Her Puppies From The Pouring Rain

It’s a universal truth that no mother can bear to see her children suffering, writes ilovemydogsomuch

In the heart-rending video below, we see the earnest love of a homeless mama dog for her wee newborn puppies who had no shelter during a heavy downpour.

The family who shared this clip said that the stray mama dog had taken refuge in their yard to give birth to the litter just a day prior. She had holed up her puppies in the thick flower bed as she dedicatedly nursed them. But the very next afternoon, this temporary shelter was compromised due to the sudden intense rains, leaving the puppies wailing and shivering helplessly.

In this touching video, we see the restless mama dog making multiple trips across the partially inundated yard to retrieve her cold, drenched puppies. She seems unperturbed by the chilly rains as she goes back and forth several times to bring her puppies to the family’s dry porch. Once she secures them all, she licks their damp bodies and shields them under the comforting warmth of her belly.

It’s remarkable to see the soaking wet mama dog rising above her personal discomfort for the sake of her puppies. Despite her deprived situation, she is determined to protect her younglings and give them the best lives possible. Undoubtedly, there is no force as strong as a mother’s love!

Click the video below to watch the worried mama dog’s selfless mission to save her tormented puppies from the pouring rain.


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