Mama Dog About To Give Birth Risks Her Life To Bring Newborns Into The World

When a sweet stray mama dog from Houston, Texas, was about to give birth to a litter of pups, she had to find a safe place to bring them into the world, writes ilovemydogsomuch

For weeks, local residents saw the dog, whom they dubbed “Carnitas” roaming the streets but were unsuccessful in catching her and bringing her to safety. Anytime someone saw Carnitas and approached her, she would get scared and run away. Things were about to get dangerous, but her saviors would not give up.

The trio of Pam Ashley, Emily Daniels, and Shireen Hyrapiet met on the NextDoor app on social media and decided to ban together for Carnitas. They received a tip that the dog gave birth to her little ones in a storm drain a few towns over in Irvington. Together, the ladies developed a plan to get the pups and mama out before it was too late. Somehow, the mama dog managed to maneuver 30 feet into the drain where she felt safe to give birth.

She wasn’t too happy to see volunteer Sabrina Amador shimmying down into the storm drain with a stick in her hand. Sabrina got into the hole, laid down on her stomach, and scooted 30 feet on her belly to the furry family. She managed to pull Caritas out of the hole and away from her babies. The woman barely caught her breath before heading back down to save the pups.

One by one, Sabrina grasped the babies close and handed them off to the other volunteers waiting outside the storm drain. Carnitas and the newborns stayed at the home of Emily Daniels for a few days, and now Carnitas allows people to get close enough to pet her. They are looking for a rescue group or foster home to take over before they are sent to a local shelter. Thankfully, someone filmed the heroic rescue.


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