Mail Carrier Rescues Small Stray Puppy On Route, Takes Him To Finish Deliveries

A postal carrier found a small stray pup on a hot day while doing her job, so, she decided to pick her up with her, according to Ruff Start Rescue, writes thepetneeds

The director of Ruff Start Rescue, Azure Davis, said that the dog helped the mail carrier delivering the mails to show his appreciation.

After finishing her work, the mail carrier took the cute dog to a veterinary clinic for a checkup.

Fortunately, no serious injuries or illnesses were found, but the heat left the dog dehydrated.

The director also added that if the mail carrier hadn’t picked the dog up, he would probably die!

Thankfully, the dog, who was named Priority, was taken in by Ruff Start Rescue, where he received the care and love he deserved.

The best thing was that they found him a foster home till he was ready to be adopted.

Many adoption applications came to the organization, that would choose the best family for him. What a happy ending!

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