Loyal Dog Lies Next To Owner After She Was Hit By A Train. What A Devoted Dog!

There are no words in this world that can precisely depict the love of dogs, writes healthyfoodhouse

Their love is as sincere as can possibly be, it is incredibly pure and strong. They step up in every situation to save the life of their owner without even thinking about their own life.

A dog is the closest, most reliable animal to man in the world of animals.

One might agree that in some cases, a dog can be even closer to a human being than a human himself.

Actually, there are many times when we think dogs are better than people.

So, here is a story from a couple of years ago, that will literally break your heart, a story of an astonishingly devoted and loving canine.

One day, the officers spotted something very uncommon near a railway track in Montmorelos, Mexico- a dog sleeping next to a person who had died after falling on the railway tracks.

The unusual event happened at the train station in Montemorelos, in the province of Nuevo Leon, Northeastern Mexico.

It was reported that Victor Reyna Vasquez, aged 57, has fallen off the rail tracks the evening before.

Preliminary investigation has discovered that the man was drinking near the railway tracks the evening before, and he had his devoted dog sleeping by his side.

After the tragedy, the loyal pet refused to move even for a moment, devotedly keeping the corpse of his owner safe.

The heartbroken dog was cuddled up next to his pal and even had to be forcibly removed from the scene so his body could be moved from the tracks.

According to the police and paramedics, the dog tried to bite them when they removed it.

Locals recounted that Victor was an alcoholic, but he lived together with the dog for years.

Nobody knows for sure what happened with the dog in the end, but following the incident, many had requested for the dog to be adopted, rather than put into a shelter.

Netizen ‘Marychuy Zamarron’ wrote:

“We have a lot of things to learn from animals, and now I wonder who is more animalistic, them or us”.

This is just one example of the amazing nature of dogs.

These incredibly faithful beings are ready to be by their owner’s side till the very end.

Their unconditional love is rare in this world.


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