Lovely footage shows majestic lion crouching down to meet his cub for the first time

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Usually, a lion is not getting well with its new born offsprings. Nonetheless, the male from the charming footage bellow can’t wait to fulfill his child for the very first time. The wonderful video was filmed at Denver Zoo and afterwards shared on Facebook, melting hearts all over the internet!

The 12lb cub was birthed at the zoo, on July 31, and since then, the little one has actually just hung out with his mama. Therefore, the team at the zoo decided it’s time for the most recent member to fulfill his family members. And the moment he finally satisfied his two years old papa, gained the web. According to the Denver Zoo’s authorities, the little lion will certainly quickly be ready to make his first appearance in public.

“He’s invested the last couple months bonding with his mother, daddy and also half-sister behind the scenes at Predator Ridge at Denver Zoo, and will quickly make his huge public launching in one of the outside habitats,” Jake Kubié, the supervisor of communications at Denver Zoo told Bored Panda. “He’s all things you could expect of a lion cub: lively, curious and energetic!”

While individuals in Denver are very aware of Neliah as well as Tobias, the kid’s parents, he doesn’t have a name, yet. So, the zoo is seeking for assist with the name at their fans. According to the Bored Panda, the options are: Meru, which is the name of a mountain in Tanzania, Moremi, which represents the name of a video game get in Botswana, as well as Tatu, which is the Swahili word for the number three(the cub is the lioness’ 3rd baby). The zoo is urging everyone to vote and also to donate $1 for the 3 finalists.

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