Love And Compassion Gave This Battered And Abandoned Dog A Wonderful New Life

***Some of the photos below may be upsetting to some pup ruvers, don’t worry, there’s a happy ending, writes

Kelsey was once a stray who roamed the edges of her local streets foraging for food, shelter and most of all, for someone to love her.

A kind hooman spotted her on the side of the road and knew that if she didn’t rescue the pup, Kelsey would not have long left to live.

This was Kelsey then:

She was malnourished to the point that she appeared to be only skin and bones with very little muscle tone. Most of her fur was gone. She was covered in sores and sunburns.

She barely resembled a dog.

As horrible as Kelsey looked and as horrible as her life must have been, she was enthusiastic about finding a human who would love her.

She voluntarily climbed into her rescuer’s car.

Once Kelsey was safely at the veterinarian, her new humans finally got a good look at her. She was battered both physically and emotionally, but it was clear that her heart never lost its ability to love.

It also became clear how emaciated the pup was. You can see how tiny she was in the below photo.

Once she received the care that she needed, she began to blossom.

Her fur began to grow back. She began to play with other pups.

She learned how to feel safe.

Most importantly, Kelsey learned what it was like to be loved.

High paws to everyone who helped save this sweet girl’s life!


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