Lioness calls desperately after losing her pride. 3 days later, she sees something

Deep throaty calls are all that is heard in the first several seconds of this clip posted by Kruger Sightings, writes pintiks

The lioness in the video sounds incredibly sad, which is much different than the strong roars that we are all so accustomed to hearing from the powerful animal. However, this clip depicts just how upsetting it is when a lion is separated from its pride.

What’s even more amazing about this footage is that it shows the pride searching for their lost friend. The group of lions appears to fan out and search through the brush just as a family would search for a child. When the lioness first sees her pride, she is cautious and hesitant. Likely, this is because she needed a moment to believe what she was seeing after three days of separation and 40 long minutes of calling out to them.

What happens when the pride locks eyes with their long lost companion? A reunion that will absolutely melt your heart. The group runs to the lioness and immediately welcome her back in the pride. Moments later, they are all nuzzling and grooming each other indicating their joy of being reunited once again.

This footage showcases not only the bond between animals but also their dedication when one of their members goes missing. Absolutely amazing! Be sure to check out the clip and share with your friends.


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