Lifeless Puppy Gets CPR From Stranger Who Won’t Stop Until Dog Breathes

You just never know if you will be in the right place at the right time, but that’s exactly what happened to one man in Turkey’s Black Sea province. He was walking by a store when the shopkeeper summoned the man for immediate help. A dog was in trouble and would certainly die if someone didn’t intervene, writes ilovemydogsomuch

A sweet little puppy was choking on a piece of sausage, collapsed, and was unable to breathe.

The man, Omer Yilmaz, was able to get the sausage out of the dog’s throat, but the panicked pup needed air in its lungs or it would die.

Yilmaz rubbed the tiny dog’s chest and then rushed it into the shop, placing it under running water to bring the puppy out of shock.

Finally, he performed CPR, sending lifesaving breaths into the pooch. All of a sudden, the little doggy comes around and is able to breathe on its own.

Watch the amazing video below of Yilmaz in action. This man is a bonafide hero!


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