Labrador Stranded For Days On Hind Legs As Flood Waters Force Her Into Corner

Hurricanes can be deadly and show no mercy to those in their path. When category 4 Hurricane Eta blew through Central America, she brought with her powerful winds of up to 150 miles per hour, writes ilovemydogsomuch

In addition, she bore down with unrelenting heavy rain, flooding, and landslides. Lives were lost, people’s entire homes and communities were destroyed, and animals suffered as well.

One of the hardest-hit areas was Mexico, where thousands of people were left without homes. As Mexican rescue workers took to the flooded streets in boats, they attempted to save anyone stranded by the hurricane’s flooding. As workers floated down a flooded street, they suddenly saw a scared Labrador Retriever huddled in a corner with water up to her chest. They would not leave her in peril, as she would certainly die without assistance.

The dog had no idea what was about to happen, but the kind rescuers pulled their rowboat up to her and they gently patted her head to gain trust. She must have understood they were there to help her, as she placed her two front paws on the boat and allowed the kind rescuer to pull her into safety. No one knows how long the dog sat up on her haunches to avoid drowning in the floodwaters, but she was safe now.

Watch this heroic rescue by pressing play on the video below.


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