Kitten “Dumped” In A Box Watches People Pass By, But No One Gives Him A Thought

The video below is a unique social experiment filmed with the help of a wee kitten rescued by “The Orphan Pet”. In the beginning of this video, we see the kitten “abandoned” in a box on the roadside, with multiple pedestrians nonchalantly walking right past him without pausing for a second, writes ilovemydogsomuch

It’s terribly heartbreaking to see the indifference and lack of compassion toward the distraught kitten. The lonely kitten waits and waits and waits in that wretched box, but no one has the decency to even spare him a glance.

The terrified baby ultimately tries to do the unthinkable – he starts climbing out of the box and unwittingly exposes himself to the many dangers of the road. But just then, a woman approaches him!

While this awareness video ends on a hopeful note, it is hard to swallow the casual apathy and passivity displayed by so many people. Let’s stop being detached spectators and embrace our role as the guardians and protectors of needy animals. Spread the word.


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