Kind Couple Spend $55k Turning Their Home Into A Doggy Retirement Haven

“We believe that senior dogs deserve homes too!”, writes kingdomstv.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes from Clifton Park, New York started The Mr. Mo Project to save elderly dogs from living in shelters across the USA. The couple has dedicated their lives – and their home – to care for canines in need.

Sadly, due to financial difficulty or not realising the level of work needed to care for a pet, not all owners are able to care for their pets long term. This can lead to elderly and disabled dogs not being as desired by owners, or even facing abandonment.

The couple initially bonded over their love of dogs. In fact, just two months before the couple met, Chris adopted a dog named Moses that they both fell in love with.

“When Chris and I met, he had six dogs and I had two dogs,” Mariesa tells Insider. “We had an eight-dog family, and Moses was kind of the patriarch of that. We called him dad sometimes, he was this old soul. He seemed very wise and he would just drink you in with his eyes.”

Chris and Mariesa were inspired to launch The Mr. Mo Project after Moses was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor and given just a few weeks to live.

Both Chris and Mariesa credit Moses for open their eyes to the struggles that elderly dogs go through.

“After Moses passed, I said to my wife we should save senior dogs and pay for all their medical expenses,”

Chris tells My Modern Met. “[The project] made sense to me because of what we had to do to save Moses. I imagine a lot of people go through that same issue when you just don’t have the money to cover the treatments or even figure out what’s wrong.”

The project is now in its stride, with a range of dogs taking shelter with the couple, from the elderly to the sick, and they get premium care.
Disable dogs are given rehabilitation and are guaranteed to be showered with love and attention, which is not always the case in a shelter setting.

The couple’s commitment to caring for dogs in need has also led them to spend over $55k in home renovations, to accommodate their tail-wagging friends.

They even spent $30k of that money on a hydrotherapy pool – something that allows the dogs to enjoy some low-impact exercise! The dogs were also given a customized king-sized bed to sleep on. Where do we sign up?

The Mr. Mo Project is an official nonprofit that raises funds via donations. To get involved with the Mr. Mo Project, click here.


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