Joey Votto Gave The Baseball From His First Big League Hit To His Dog

What would you finish with a baseball from your initial Major league Baseball game hit if you were a professional player? Perhaps you would certainly save it in an air-tight box or preserve it in a secure.

If you’re Joey Votto, nonetheless, you could just give it to your pet dog to eat on.

The Cincinnati Reds’ initial baseman, Joey Votto, has actually videotaped 2,000 major league hits. While he’s made fairly a name for himself in the world of baseball, he occurred to get a few brand-new fans after interviewing in a postgame interview.

In the meeting, which was shared to Twitter, Votto was asked what he would certainly finish with the baseball from his 2,000 th hit.

As part of his solution, he shared a tale about the baseball from his really first major league hit. As it ends up, that baseball does not exist anymore because his canine consumed it!

Votto has a cherished canine, Maris, and he chose to do something unique with his unique baseball by gifting it to his canine.

As Votto stated in the meeting, “He was a young pet dog and I just wanted him to be happy. Perhaps it wasn’t an advantage to provide to him. I don’t know if you should be giving canines baseballs however I did at the time.”

Normally, he gained a great deal of dog-loving fans from the meeting. People were fascinated with the fact that he cared so deeply for his pup!

A vet shared with Dogster that baseballs are really on their listing of “the most awful things a pet dog can eat.”

They discussed, “The interiors of baseballs are constructed from stringy rope. When that stuff loosens up in the intestinal tracts, an obstruction is extremely most likely.”

While Votto’s tale is exceptionally wonderful, it’s finest to prevent giving canines baseballs.

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