Injured Dog Jumps Into Ambulance And Begs For Help

It’s not uncommon for severely injured or ill dogs to run away or go into hiding. It can be hard to coax an ill dog out of hiding to get them help, writes xaga

When Animal Aid Unlimited discovered a dog hiding in some bushes, they knew she needed immediate attention. The dog was suffering from a terrible neck wound and likely wouldn’t have survived long on her own.

However, they faced a slight dilemma. The pup was tucked away in the bushes and refused to let anyone pick her up.

Suddenly, the dog, who they named Aatifa, did something completely unexpected. She hopped up and ran to the waiting ambulance and jumped right in!

She whined for help and knew exactly where to go to get it. While some injured dogs lay down and allow fate to run its course, Aatifa proved to be a fighter and took things into her own paws!

The medical team with Animal Aid Unlimited got Aatifa’s wound all cleaned up and wrapped her in a bandage. She could begin her road to recovery, but it wouldn’t be an easy one.

Weeks passed and the dog seemed to be healing well. Sadly, on the fourth week of care, Aatifa fell ill. Rescuers worried she wouldn’t make it, but she pulled through and recovered.

Not only did she survive the initial injury and illness, but under their care, Aatifa was thriving! They think, because of her docked tail, that she was someone’s pet at one point. No one is really sure about her past, but she’s loving toward humans and so playful and full of life.

Watch Aatifa’s rescue and recovery in the video below:

(Warning – Graphic Images)


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