Inhumane Person Dumps Tiny Pup In Freezing Weather & Writes “Free” On Crate

It can be a crime to leave a dog outside in cold weather, and one state, in particular, is making a desperate plea to pet parents, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Pets should not be forced to suffer outside in the icy cold temperatures, and the Mahoning County Dog Warden reminds everyone they have laws in place. Sadly, the county is making headlines after someone dumped a puppy in the cold.

“Last night around 6 pm when the freezing rain was coming down….this puppy was found on Oxford Ave on the Northside of Youngstown —IN THIS CRATE,” the dog warden shared on Facebook. “Someone wrote on the side FREE. Police brought in last night.”

Thankfully, after police brought the puppy to the shelter where he is currently being examined and undergoing a quarantine period. The rescue workers want to be sure the dog is healthy enough before he can be adopted out. They usually keep a dog five or six days before allowing them to leave the facility.

Authorities remind the general public that dogs and cats should be brought inside when the weather is bad. They encourage people to “do the right thing” because at the very least, the act of keeping helpless animals outside in extreme weather is cruel. According to WKBN, Ohio law limits the amount of time pets, such as dogs, cats, or livestock can be kept outside.


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