In The Middle Of A Snowstorm, A Delivery Man Notices A Strange Black Pile

In Canada, a guy was driving a milk truck during a snowfall when he saw an odd black patch in the midst of all the white, writes heavenofanimals

As he got closer, he understood he had to get out of the driver’s seat and brave the weather, since his life, or lives, relied on it.

“When I first saw them, they seemed like a piece of clothing,” Clyde Compton told the Dodo. “However, on second thought, I understood what it was.”

In the snow, three small black kittens were snuggled together. They were also surrounded by no paw tracks, indicating that they had been tossed there from the road.

“”Anyone else probably wouldn’t have seen them if I hadn’t looked down from the vehicle,” Compton pondered. They were on the road in a foot of freshly fallen snow.”

Compton quickly rounded up the kittens and drove them 12 miles back to his house, where his wife and daughter awaited to warm them up and save their lives.

The family, who already has two cats and two dogs, all rescues, also contacted Deer Lake Kitten Rescue (DLKR), a local animal rescue organization that assisted with the kittens’ veterinary treatment and transport to a shelter.

Tanya Wight, a volunteer with DLKR, stated, “They were buried in ice and snow, huddled together trying to survive.” “They had to have been thrown from a moving car… Animal brutality is unfathomable.”

The short-haired male is named Flurry, the long-haired female is named Shiver, and the short-haired female is named Stormy, but the small life that were nearly wiped off for good now have names.

Flurry, Shiver, and Stormy still need time to heal — they’re underweight and Shiver is on medication for a lung illness — but the 10-week-old trio is remarkably sociable and lively considering all they’ve gone through.

Wight has been caring for the kittens while they get stronger. Wight added, “They have been relocated into the luxury suite (aka my spare room) so they have more room to walk about.”

They’ll be transported to the Newfoundland West SPCA once they’re ready (NL West SPCA).

“They would have perished if I hadn’t spotted them,” Compton added. “As soon as they are in excellent health, they will be [available for adoption].”


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