Husky Rescues Cat Trapped In A Cooler

While out on a walk with its owner, a husky became a hero after identifying a cat that was trapped in a cooler and wrapped in a trash bag, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood

According to a post shared by the Fearless Kitty Rescue, over the weekend, a poor cat was dumped on the rescue donation bench. The kitty had been zippped into a cooler and wrapped in a trash bag, creating a very dangerous environment for her.

Thankfully, in the early hours of Saturday, June 26th, a husky out for a walk with its owner sniffed the cat out and saved her.

In the post, they said, “Koda immediately sensed there was something in the wrapped-up and abandoned cooler and ran over.”â

Thankfully, after they realized there was a cat inside the cooler, they were able to rescue her and she ended up being fine. However, they did find a large mass on her tail.

In an update post, they shared that the cat, who they named Juliane, will be evaluated by a veterinarian soon and will see if her tail needs to be fully amputated, or if the mass can be safely removed by itself.

Aside from the mass on her tail, she’s doing great and appears to be healthy. While she waits for a decision to be made regarding her tail mass, Julienne is being fostered by a long-time volunteer at the shelter.

A shelter employee shared on Facebook that Julienne is extremely sweet and loves being pet and having her chin rubbed, despite all she’s been through.

Once she’s recovered from her mass being removed or her tail being fully amputated, Julienne will be up for adoption to a loving forever home.


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