Hunt for Creeps Who Wrapped Cat in Hazard Tape in ‘Deliberate’ Attack!

UNITED KINGDOM – The RSPCA are currently hunting cruel thugs who wrapped a cat in hazard tape, writes pintiks

The male ginger cat was found covered in the black and yellow sticky tape.

It completely covered his mouth and nose with only its ears left sticking out.

The RSPCA are appealing for help to locate whoever carried out the “deliberate” attack in Romford, Essex.

RSPCA inspector Adam Jones stated: “This is clearly a deliberate act as the tape was weaved between his ears – this could not have occurred by the cat simply getting tangled.

“We would like to get any information on who has done this. It was clearly a distressing incident for the poor cat.”

“He could not see while he had his head wrapped in tape and we are thankful that he was found when he was, as he could have easily wandered in front of a car and been killed.”

“We’d also like to locate the owner as he is very friendly and appears to have been cared for before this incident occurred.”

“He is a very affectionate cat and is getting a lot of attention at the vets. Sadly he is not wearing a collar and is not microchipped, so we have no way of finding his owner, who is possibly fraught with worry.”

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