How to Use Lego Cheat Code to Unlock Secrets

When it comes to Lego video games you can count on many hidden characters and ships to aid you along the way. Luckily, if you know how to use a lego cheat code, you can unlock a few of these items without spending a lot of hard-earned studs.

These codes can be used to unlock new characters, for example Admiral Holdo. You can also unlock ships that can be used in the space combat gameplay segments. This method unlocks 19 characters and ships however, each requires a Datacard as well as a different amount of studs.

Like previous LEGO video games, you’ll be able to find these Datacards by searching for them across the galaxy. Each Datacard has a gold glow, making it easier to spot. They are hidden in secret locations throughout the world. When you find an unlocked code, you’ll need to enter it at the Weasley Joke Shop in the Diagon Alley hub world to claim whatever it unlocks.

To enter a cheat code you must pause the game and then select the ‘Enter Code’ option on the menu for pause. Enter any of the codes below to unlock a ship, character, or item. Some codes allow special holiday versions of characters from the popular movies, like Darth Vader wearing his Christmas sweater. The codes will not expire in the event that you use them before you return to the main menu after you have left the menu to pause.

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