Homeless Man Watches With Tears In His Eyes As Authorities Take Away His 31 Dogs

Just 120 miles outside Memphis, Tennessee, a man had been living in the depths of Natchez Trace State Park for the past 16 years, wriets ilovemydogsomuch

When this unique man had decided to retreat into the woods all these years back, he had never expected to become the leader of a furry pack!

Over the years, many hurt, neglected, abused or lonely dogs flocked to this wild man and found sanctuary in his healing presence. The man looked out for them, fed them and kept them clean and healthy.

But sadly, things took a turn for the worse when the man’s health began failing. While the man had befriended many park authorities who tended to his needs from time to time, he was still unable to do justice to the 31 dogs under his care for the past few months.

That’s when the local community members stepped in and requested the man to accept proper living support for himself. But the man refused any help and shivered at the thought of parting ways from his dogs.

After a number of tries, the man accepted community support only on the condition that his 31 dogs be rescued and given homes. The locals contacted “Animal Rescue Corps” about the situation and the group readily agreed to help!

The man was quite emotional on the day he handed over his beloved furry family to the rescuers. As he grabbed each of the dogs one by one and gave them to the rescuers with a heavy heart, the dogs realized this was a bittersweet farewell.

All the 31 dogs were transferred under veterinary care for vaccinations and necessary treatments. Many of the dogs had injuries and required dental work, but they still missed the nurturing wild human who sheltered them all these years.

As for the “mountain man”, he is now receiving medical care arranged by some of the community members. He is heartbroken over his dogs, but also relieved to know that they are in good hands.

The locals have been appreciating this man for caring for the wandering dogs to the best of his ability for such a long time. He kept his integrity toward the dogs and chose to do right by them till the very end, and that’s really something!

Click the video below to watch this heart-touching story of the wild man and the 31 dogs he rescued.


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