Homeless man has been on the street for more than 20 but has the most unconditional of friends

The dog is the domestic animal par excellence and the most precious by man worldwide. And it is not surprising, since they are endowed with a special intelligence, which in addition to learning, adapting and solving situations, allows them to develop relationships with human beings, writes toancanh24h

There are numerous stories of puppies with their owners that captivate us and demonstrate the close relationship that can exist between the two.

Homeless man spends his days enjoying the company of his faithful dog.

It is that without a doubt, the love between a puppy and its owner knows no limits, regardless of the situation they find themselves in, be it good or bad, they will stay together and overcome any obstacle .

This is the story of Naudy Ramón Valera , known as ´El Clown Lollipop´, a man who for various reasons ended up on the street.

For more than 20 years he has managed to survive without the support of his family, he does not have a safe place to rest, despite his difficult situation, this man does his best to care for someone who has shown his loyalty for some years and unconditional love. A street dog that, like Naudy, was completely alone .

Two beings who, in the midst of their vicissitudes, came together and created the purest and most sincere bond you have ever heard of.

This emotional story was made known thanks to Manuel Alejandro Nuñez , an influencer who has earned the admiration and respect of thousands of people for the great work he does.

Its mission, to be an instrument of light and love in the lives of the most vulnerable people . Through his Instagram account, the young man from the state of Zulia-Venezuela, makes known his beautiful work.

In one of these missions, Naudy was found, who was in a precarious situation, but the man was not alone, a beautiful dog accompanied him . Manuel decided to help him and give him a completely different day, he took him to the hairdresser, bathed him and bought clothes.

During this process, the man did not stop talking about his faithful companion, leaving evidence of his deep love for animals . Naudy said that he had a dog and a kitten that accompanied him everywhere.

Although he had the possibility of going to a shelter, they did not accept the furry ones. The man explained that abandoning them was not an option for him. In this regard he said:

“I’d rather live on the street than abandon my dog.”

Naudy told the young influencer about the deep love she feels for her pets. He takes care of them, feeds them and gives them all the love they deserve . For him they are his family and his great treasure. When asked what animals meant to him, he replied:

“The happiness. I am happy with my dog and my kitten. They already made me cry.”

The young man published the video through the networks and called on those who would like to contribute to improve the quality of life of a man who, although he does not have material goods, is the richest and luckiest man to have infinite kindness and love in his heart. sincere towards the animals .

Undoubtedly, pets have a positive influence on the health and well-being of humans . We love knowing that your company has been transformative for many people, the bond you establish is full of values and positive feelings such as commitment, reciprocity, loyalty, and the most fundamental, unconditional love.

The wealth that dwells in the heart of Naudy is incomparable. A man who, without having anything, gives everything to take care of the one he loves so much.


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