Homeless Man Cries Over The Lifeless Body Of His Dog After Being Run Over

This is how this man cried the sudden death of his eternal friend, writes androdass

The world had been taught an excellent lesson by a humble worker called Don Raúl who lives on the streets of Michoacan, Mexico after a heartbreaking scene went viral.

Don Raúl, faithful dog, Solovino, died after being run over by a vehicle; whose driver left him to die and drove off. The homeless man was caught on camera crying over his only companion for years.

Don Raúl’s job is to need care of people’s car to possess a couple of coins. However, it wasn’t the primary time he went through a tough situation as Solovino was got lost few months before But he was discovered after a local businessman helped Don Lauer.

The man, who lives in the streets, is in very difficult conditions but he did what he could to stay his puppy happy. We hope that he will find another pup to need care of and to let him be better.


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