Homeless Dog Following Everyone on the Street is Ignored by Passersby

The number of strays in Romania is pretty huge, writes moneysavingbasics.

All these animals that are left to fend for themselves do their best to survive every day on the streets. Many times, they turn to humans for help, but sadly, they are often ignored and overlooked.

Such was the case with a homeless dog that wouldn’t stop following passersby around town hoping someone would show some mercy and offer her the love she was longing for.

But although people weren’t friendly, the rescuers at Howl Of A Dog certainly were.

They immediately answered the call of the friendly dog that was desperately looking for attention and got to the scene in no time. The moment they approached closer, the dog got excited and was more than happy to take the treats they offered to her.

The cute dog whom they named Lily was brought at the rescue’s vet clinic where it was determined she was around two years old and healthy. When the rescuers took her outside for a walk, Lily was a bit confused, but she certainly knew she could count on these people.

Soon after the rescue, Lily took her trip to Germany where her new family was waiting for her with their arms wide open.

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