Homeless Afraid Dog With Pumpkin Sized Head Walking Around The Streets Hoping for help

This dog’s story is really sad, You can’t hold back tears just by reading it, writes al-arifi1.blogspot

It’s horrible what happened on the dog’s past and everybody was really touched about his transformation. His recovery was really amazing and he is such a brave lovable dog! No one should be treated like this.

He was still a puppy, he was only 10 months old when somebody wrapped a shoestring around his neck. Maybe they thought that would be a good collar for him had to be wrapped around his neck when he was a smaller puppy, then he grew up, and as he grew up the shoestring stayed on his neck cut into the flesh.

He’s been through a terrible beginning, he was hit by a car shattered pelvis, they found 26 bullet shrapnel in his leg.

Imagine how he could look so bad the weight of his head was so bad that he was dragging his his head down and of course he takes off and all throughout the day.

“we were all out searching for him. he was hiding in an abandoned apartment building, and he was so afraid and they had to trick him to trap him into a trap. Fortunately he went in and took him to the hospital. He was very scared. I went to go visit him at the hospital, i cried, i couldn’t believe it, no hope no sense of anybody ever caring for him, but he survived”. Anna from Houston K-911 Rescue for rescuing said.

All those months he survived he was scared at first but fortunately it’s almost like he knew they were wanting to help him. He was very compliant and he was very willing to help us help him.

It was a long process the swelling went down thankfully he was at the hospital for probably about a month.

“Then i brought him home to my house to complete his recovery. I think he just became more comfortable and confident that he was okay, once he realize that he was safe he just became just a very relaxed and happy dog, he was good with other dogs. his temperament is just amazing and he he adjusts to everything.I was going to foster him for the rest of his recovery the intention was to adopt him out but, i think when he got here he just suggested so well. He’s just so lovable, he’s just a cuddle bug, he just wants to be held in lovE. It wasn’t a hard decision it was just like i’m not letting him go he’s going to stay with me.” Anna said.

He won the hero dog award for shelter dogs, and he acted like no big deal, he’s he’s just like a teddy bear he’s just so calm and just such a wonderful presence very special and he’s he’s a good boy.

The dog named Gus and telling us his story to the whole world. We need more people like Anna. Such a beautiful heart. Thank you for your love and kindness! God bless you always.


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