His Owners Let Him Get Sick, Then They Called Him “Yucky” And Tried To Get Rid Of Him

Any sensible owner would make an immediate trip to the vet if they find their pet getting sick. But for a gentle dog named Nik-Nak, his illness only became a “liability” for his parents, writes ilovemydogsomuch


The 5-year-old dog had been enduring painful mange for the past several months, but his shameless owners neglected him and intentionally let his condition worsen.

When the disease was in its final stages, the owners brought Nik-Nak to the vet and arrogantly said, “He’s yucky- put him to sleep!” The vet was enraged at the disturbing attitude of the owners and promptly contacted a local shelter for help. After days of uncertainty, a kind woman finally volunteered to foster Nik-Nak.

Nik-Nak’s body was already rotting away, but his foster mom began an intensive treatment plan to deal with his critical mange. As his scabs started healing, he began feeling and “looking” better again. Having never experienced love and care in his previous home, Nik-Nak cherished every second he spent in foster care!

By the time Nik-Nak made a complete recovery, he had certainly found his wiggle back! His foster mom had also become too attached to his loving ways, and she eventually made up her mind to be his forever mom! From being a “yucky” dog to winning hearts with his beautiful smile, Nik-Nak has surely come a long way. If only his good-for-nothing ex-owners could see him now!

Click the video below to watch Nik-Nak’s emotional journey from being discarded to feeling loved for the first time.


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