His Human Dumped Him When He Grew Tired Of Him, Left Him Covered In Wounds & Ticks

Steel was found in an abandoned greenhouse on the brink of death, writes ilovemydogsomuch

He had severe anemia, off-white gums, untreated leishmaniasis, and was full of parasites and ticks. He also had a would on his head that looks like it may have been from someone hitting him over the head with an object.

In addition to all of that, he also had multiple ulcers on his bottom and support areas, which made vets think he lived locked up somewhere for all of his life until his owners got tired of him and dumped him in the greenhouse to die.

Thankfully, he was found after a girl walked by with her dogs. She heard Steel’s moans and cries for help, discovered him lying there, and contacted a rescue immediately.

He was treated at a clinic and received ’round the clock care before moving on to a private shelter.

Soon, Steel found a forever home, where he has a loving dad and doggy siblings.

“Thank you to everyone who believes that the abused, abandoned, injured and unwanted animals do deserve to live on the same planet we live in and believe that they are just like every one of us,” Paws 4 Hope wrote.


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