His Crusty Face Had A Look Of Despair As They Carried Him Out From His Hiding Spot

A little dog was spotted hiding under cars for quite some time, in extremely bad shape, writes ilovemydogsomuch

His frail body had lost its hair, and he was covered in bloody wounds. His tail was completely bald and raw, his nails were overgrown, and his ears were very crusty.

WARNING: Graphic Content!

Thankfully, rescuers were able to catch him rather quickly, and rushed him to their hospital for treatment. They decided to name this sweet dog ‘Angel.’

Angel was very scared, but cooperated with the hospital staff. The more time he spent with them, the more trusting of them he became, and he realized how much they were helping him.

As time went on, his wounds began to heal and his fur started to grow back in. Within months, he looked like an entirely different dog, and felt like one too.

With help from rescuers and vet staff, Angel transformed from a sickly dog with a face of despair to a beautiful, happy dog with lots of energy and love to give.

Luckily, Angel found a forever home with a family who he can give that love to and receive it in return for the rest of his life.

Watch his incredible transformation in the video below:


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