Heroic train crew save bobcat frozen to tracks minutes before train sped by

A wild bobcat stucked itself in a very tricky situation, after its back paws got frozen on the train tracks in British Columbia. Luckily, the helpless animal got a 2nd chance, thanks to a train staff that saved it in the nick of time. Yet it had not been a very easy rescue though a train could have passed by within mins as well as the afraid animal was pretty difficult to approach.

It was just a normal day at the workplace for Coby Reid– that works as a railroad assessor in Path, BC– and his associates. It was rather early in the morning when the staff begun the tracks inspection as part of their everyday routine. The group needs to see to it there are no barriers on the tracks. Only this time around, it wasn’t like that. When they got closer to the Columbia River, they identified something stuck on the tracks.

As the team obtained more detailed, the men recognized there was a bobcat. Coby as well as his team originally thought the wild feline does not wish to leave, considering that its breakfast– well, what left from it– (a duck, it probably hunted) remained in front of it. However they soon figured out, the bobcat is actually incapable to leave. As a result of the extreme cold, its paws got stuck to the tracks.

With less than half an hour left up until the next train needed to go by, the staff recognized they need to act quickly if they are going to rescue the defenseless bobcat. So they determined to carefully approached the animal, cover its head with one of their coats, and after that free it. But the rescue confirmed far more difficult than they assumed as the bobcat really felt endangered when the crew approached it, and it was far from acting perfectly. However, the devoted males ultimately succeed to set the inadequate animal cost-free!

“At first we approached it, and we were going to actually cover it up with a coat” Coby told Radio West. “It definitely wasn’t the cute cat that you see in the picture.”

The staff also caught on cam the rescue, and also later Coby shared an update on Facebook. “Saved this little guy today he was enjoying his breakfast (duck) and froze to the rail,” he states. “We got some warm water and freed him up”

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