Heroic Mama Dog Jumps Into Dangerous Floodwaters Trying To Reach Her Baby

A stray dog and her five pups were recently stranded by rapid floodwaters in China, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Thanks to a nearby good Samaritan, several of the pups were able to be rescued. Unfortunately, he was not able to reach the mom and one of her babies. The mother dog was not about to let her baby drown, but trying to save him meant putting her own life at risk. Her motherly instincts kicked in, and she did the only thing she could.

Once the mama realized only four of her five pups were safe, she hurried back to the raging waters and sprinted in to try to pull her baby out. The now-viral footage is an amazing testament to the power of love and the bond between mother and baby. As the stray dog raced into the waters near China’s southwestern Sichuan province, an onlooker began filming.

The brave mama swam to get her baby and then scooped him up into her mouth before swimming out of the raging waters. There is no way she was going to let her little one perish in the flood. A police officer tried to stop the mama dog, but she ran and jumped in because she was on a mission to get her baby on dry land. People in the area cheered and clapped for the dog, who is a true hero.

According to local media reports, the dog and her puppies have all been adopted out to loving homes.


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