Heroic German Shepherd defends his owner, attacking thieves and receiving serious injuries

The loyalty of pets is legendary. Although, why legends? This case is quite genuine. An instance regarding what an average canine is ready to go to rescue his owner.

Javier Mercado, a 16-year-old teenager, was alone at home. There was nobody there except for the dog Rex. At about twelve noon, Javier was attracted by sound from the street: a strange vehicle drove up to the house.

After some time, the noise of busted glass was listened to listed below. Rex was the first to respond. The pet dog, barking noisally, rushed to find the trespassers.

The temporary battle ended in nothing: when Rex returned to the second flooring, Javier, hiding in the closet, had actually already called the authorities. The wrongdoers, not feeling much resistance, determined to go upstairs.

Yet brave Rex was not mgoing to back down :he rushed at the burglars time and again until they utilized firearms.

Only after the fourth shot Rex fell exhausted … Yet from afar, the audio of cops sirens was already listened to, and as a result the criminals needed to urgently retreat.

In total, Javier stayed in the closet for a concerning a hr. Frightened, confused, he no longer assumed that he would certainly see his faithful buddy to life. However Rex endured in spite of being seriously damaged.

The funds required for the operation and recovery were accumulated by volunteers. Today the brave canine recuperates, rehab is ahead.

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